We hope you can join us!

Exhibitor registration is $200

As this is a virtual conference, Exhibitors will be given a Virtual Booth.  Attendees will be directed to attend your booth at your designated time.

We will be polling the audience at the time of their registration for their biggest challenges with respect to RTW.  We will provide you with the results so that your booth will turn into an opportunity to highlight your solutions that will address their biggest challenges.

There will also be “grab the mic” opportunities for the audience to engage with you with questions.

Purpose of the conference:

To provide education and create a common language and understanding between business owners, human resource personnel, managers/supervisors, and medical professionals that encourages interaction, sharing of ideas and advancing the process of change that will lead to a reduction in needless disability in our workforce and society.  

Conference Objectives:

  • Create real change in the industry through education and the pursuit of a common cause:  Preventing Needless Work Disability 
  • Establish how improved communications between health care provider, employer and employee (patient) contributes to optimal engagement of injured/ill employees
  • Assess negative impact on patients and economy that results from poor functional outcomes
  • Demonstrate best practices and new ideas that improve productivity and employment outcomes through Stay at Work and Return to Work management
  • Summarize the roles and responsibilities in defining appropriate work disability prevention and management criteria for injured or ill employees


This seminar is intended for:

  • Health care providers
  • Rehabilitation professionals
  • Case managers
  • HR professionals
  • Safety professionals
  • Insurance brokers
  • Attorneys

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