Not All Impairment Results In Disability: But Weeding Through Return To Work Challenges Involving Marijuana Use Will Be Increasingly Challenging In The Future

While encouraging stay at work and return to work endeavours, North American workplaces are also faced with increasing challenges when it comes to rising marijuana use by employees. There are those who believe that marijuana has a great capacity to cure most medical conditions and others who believe that legislation allowing for the legalization of marijuana must mean that it is a safe and benign drug. In fact there is no legitimate medical indication for the use of crude marijuana and there is no one strain of ‘medical’ marijuana. Treating physicians generally have not been well informed about the effects and risks of marijuana use, either recreational or ‘medical’, that might contribute to impairment and even workplace disability for some categories of workers. Hence workers are not well informed.
Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss cannabinoid neurochemistry
2. Discuss an overview of literature on cannabinoids for medical use
3. Explain adverse health risks
4. Describe the information needed to develop an informed position on marijuana and the workplace