14 Miles From Wisdom: Things I Learned By Accident

14 Miles From Wisdom: things I Learned By Accident

14 Miles from Wisdom Montana I began a fateful journey into the facts and personal realities of chronic pain. In an instant a rollover car accident left me partially paralyzed from the neck down and in constant burning nerve pain. In my quest for a cure I discovered that the best solutions for chronic pain are not surgeries, pills, or other passive therapies. What I learned by accident is that pain is an experience of the brain. And chronic pain is an experience that has been memorized and continually repeated to such an extent that it has overtaken the lives of over 116 million people in the United States alone. Using evidence based modalities to retrain my brain and decrease my chronic pain, I show how brain research provides wisdom for communicating with patients. Words spoken inspire thoughts, thoughts impact emotions, and emotions define the pain experience. Learn how words either emphasize the negative aspects of a condition or focus on positive options and attitudes. Hear through the ears of a pain patient as I describe the power words have had in my own experience and in the recovery of people I coach every day.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explain how fear of movement and lack of vision contribute to a patients increase in pain and disability.
2. Describe the impact our words have in the development and treatment of chronic pain.
3. Learning from the patient’s perspective, discuss how to develop a transformative vocabulary